Bernese Mountain Dog · new puppy

Feel the Bern

We became new parents this past weekend.

I had been bugging my husband for a dog. We’ve always had dogs in our house, but for the past year, we hadn’t. Penny, our epileptic Golden Retriever, passed away in April 2019.

Ever since then, my husband and I would always talk about how great it was not having a dog.

Quiet and clean home, no poop in the backyard, no need to take walks around the block every day, no fleas or fear of skunk attacks, no going in and out of the backdoor 3000 times a day.

Our two cats were happy with their peaceful home without a furry playful canine in it.

But leave it all up to me to throw a wrench in the works.

I had to have a dog.

Last Saturday, Bill saw a dog on a local shelter’s site, and much to my amazement, he actually called the place to inquire about him. Turns out, he was being adopted as they spoke.

We went about with our day and did a little thrift shopping. On our way home, I asked if we could just go to the pet store in town to see puppies. To see if we liked them. To maybe hold one just to get the itch out of my system.

You know how this turns out, don’t you?

This is Molly Bernice–our 8-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Good Golly Miss Molly

She’s very cute, isn’t she? That may have had something to do with the decision to purchase. What a surprise, huh?

I’d like to say–Molly is a very good girl so far.

I’d like to write more here, but unlike just a week ago, my time here is limited. She’s asleep in her crate for the morning nap time and I have litter boxes to clean and laundry to start.

I look and feel like a giant mess– sweaty from working, wearing old, ratty clothes, our house is not perfect, and I’m pretty tired. I feel like I did when I brought home new human babies.

But this is what I wanted. I’m going to try to let go of the obsession to keep the house perfect and just enjoy this. We aren’t getting any younger–who knows how many more puppies we will be able to have?

So congratulate me, won’t you?

Welcome to the family, Miss Molly.

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