I’m 51.


How. I mean, how, for real?

Whatever. What’s done is done.

Back when I was a young girl, I wanted to be a model or a writer for Saturday Night Live or Rolling Stone.

I also gave some thought to being an elementary school teacher or an art teacher.

Above all, I wanted to be a mother.

That job, I accomplished.

Married for nearly 29 years to the hot guitar man of my sweet dreams, we have 2 kids. They’re all grown up and independent now. My son is even engaged! But for the entire time they were growing up, I homeschooled them. And we had a blast.

I was that neighborhood mom who had all the kids at her house all of the time. And I loved every.single.second.of.it.

And  I miss it.

But it’s time for me to grow up now too, I guess.

So here I am, thinking I’m some kind of writer.

Before you get any ideas, I am not published and I don’t have a degree, but you know–tuff shit. I like to write.

And I’d like it if you’d like to read my stuff.

If not, piss off.

And have a nice day.

Welcome to Susana Sun.

I’m a fucking ray of sunshine thru it all.