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Penny update

Penny was examined by her neurologist Dr. Dixon today. We’re happy to report that she didn’t need any tests done, and the doctor recommended upping her medication for the time being. We also got another anti-seizure med to use when and if another big one happens so that she won’t have more than one.

The vet was very nice.

I had an adrenaline rush of relief when we left that place. I think ever since she had that first big seizure in October, I’ve had in the back of my mind that maybe something awful might be lurking in her head. And I’ve been freaked about it since. It’s nice to get some freaking relief for a change.

We had a long morning, the 3 of us, so we got McDonalds for lunch.

Penny has never been through a fast food drive-thru before. She couldn’t believe how great it was! She thoroughly enjoyed her own hamburger when we got home.

Glad this day is over.

Here’s to less seizures and less worry from here on out.

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We have a 2 year old dog named Penny Lane. She’s quite gorgeous and one of the most loving pups you could ever meet.

My husband calls her “lovey dovey puppy”. He loves her-a lot. She loves him, too.

I love her even though her puppy years which included tormenting our cat were kinda annoying.

But that’s all settled down.

Even the cat loves her now. I’m always delighted when I see them sleeping on a bed together or when they pass each other in a hallway and bonk heads together as a gesture of friendship.

Of course, if this was the whole story and we could all ride off into the sunset together, that’d be great!

But there’s a crappy part:

Penny has epilepsy.

It started last October with a series of big seizures in a row one night that sent us flying off to the vet. We had no idea what was happening. We’ve never had a dog have seizures before. Penny was put on phenobarbital and we hoped that was the end of that.

Of course it wasn’t.

It seems like she goes for a month seizure-free, then she has a cluster of them, usually on a Sunday when the vet is closed.

Since October, her medication has been upped 4 times. Just this past weekend, after one big seizure and a few small ones, we added a 3rd capsule of zonisamide.

I’m getting ready to call her vet again when they open in 15 minutes.

She had a little seizure this morning as we laid in bed together. At the time she was curled up against me, cuddling away. It made me feel horrible when it happened, but glad I was there to soothe her. Shortly after, we took a brisk walk around the block where she basically dragged me. Then we played fetch for a while in the yard. She liked that.

Thankfully now she is sleeping peacefully. But I’m on guard that another seizure might come out of nowhere.

These seizures, they tell us, don’t hurt her. She emerges from them discombobulated but then bounces back pretty quickly.

The seizures make my pelvic floor clench up from stress. They make my husband’s stomach flare up with stress. And our cat overgrooms like crazy every time a seizure happens.

Poor kitty is freaked out. Because she loves her dog sister.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about this portion of our lives lately. It’s been a real string of pure crap lately, for whatever reason.

Hopefully we’ll be getting some excellent help for our pretty Miss Penny Lane here soon. Wish us luck.

Want to see a picture of her?

Hang on to your hats–she’s pretty adorable.

Bill and Titters and I think she’s “the bomb”.

Here ya go: