loves me to the moon and back

Last year, on yet another one of those days when I didn’t want to get up and function but also really wanted to get up and function, I forced myself to get up and GO. My husband wanted to take me out anywhere, just to get out of the house. I decided–fuck it, I’m going.

We ended up heading into downtown Columbus to look for a snake ring.

I had recently had a dream where a 3 headed snake was snapping at people, trying to keep them away from me. Appropriate dream for the time. Part of my healing from pelvic pain resulted in taking myself off the “I’ll do anything to help you” list for literally anyone who ever asked. Hell, I was so programmed to be a people pleaser that I frequently invented ways to go out of my way to make everyone else’s lives brighter.

Anyway, the snake came to symbolize to me a way of remembering to say “BACK THE HELL UP FROM ME”.

So, Bill and I looked for a snake in a few vintage shops. Saw a couple of things, and didn’t really care for any of them.

(More on my snake soon…his story doesn’t end there)

As we poked around an antique shop, my husband called me over to look inside a case and pointed out a silver crescent moon pendant necklace to me. He asked me if I liked it. I said I did and it was pretty, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. So we moved on.

About one second later, Bill turned and went back to the case. He said:

This looks like something you would wear. I’m going to get it for you.

He had the dude working the counter take it out and hold it for us and that necklace turned out to be the only thing we bought that day. I had to go home after we finished perusing that shop–my body was starting to hurt.

Still, there are three victories in this story:

1. I got out of the house for a change of scenery.

2. The moon necklace Bill bought me that day is pretty much my favorite piece of jewelry. I never, ever take it off. I get bunches of compliments on it.


3. My husband is a sweetheart. He loves me to the moon and back.

The feeling is mutual.



The other night

Last Friday, when I got my belly pierced and my hubby and I had a great night out and I had zero pain, we came home and as we were lying in bed together and I was feeling good because I felt NORMAL

I snapped this picture.

I was feeling very positive, like my pain is going to finally go away and that my relationship with this man, as long as it has lasted, all the shit we’ve been through, and our incredible babies and their significant others and their futures together, and stuff as simple as our pets–our pretty Penny Lane and our sweetheart Titters and this home we’ve built over the past 25 years

All that stuff is WAY bigger than this illness I’ve been suffering from.

I’m going to be okay, because I’m not going to stop working on myself until I am.

I love this man.

I love this picture of us.

Btw–the pic has a red cast because we have this cool dark pink lamp that also works as a nightlight in our room. It’s so cool.

Meeting Bill was and always will be the most important turning point in my life.